Zette Harbour, storyteller and presenter

Photo credit: Charlotte Ginger Rushton Dinunzio

Award-Winning Professional Storyteller, Life Purpose & Leadership Development Coach, Narrative Advisor, Writer, and Speaker.  

My name is Zette Harbour and I am a storyteller, columnist, and a life purpose coach.

Storytelling is evolutionary and revolutionary. It is the original virtual reality, the first video game, the ancestor of the IMAX movie. It is vegan, gluten-free, and as Paleo as it gets. It is eco-friendly, sustainable, zero-waste and packaging-free. No batteries are required. It is the original magic, and, the wave of the future. It takes up no space, yet it contains the entire human experience.

Story goes far beyond mere words, traveling into heart and mind – always heart first.

The story we hold about ourselves, our world and our place in it controls our destiny. Understanding the nature of story and the role it plays in our lives is rarely taught today. It is the most profound self-development and connective tool we have.

Consciously chosen stories empower. Join me and discover how to tap the power of Story for your personal and professional success.

My Philosophy:

I believe that everyone deserves to be empowered to discover their purpose and to live with passion.

I believe that at the core of who you are – you are a collection of stories.

I believe that you arrived here with the right to choose what those stories are.

I believe that I’m here to bring empowering, inspiring and evolving stories to life to let you see just how many choices you have and how powerful you can be.

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