A Sheep In Wolf’s Clothing

We’ve all heard of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Courtesy of HellintheHallway Today, I wondered what would a sheep in wolf’s clothing be? __________________________ I’m narrating Peter & the Wolf this coming Sunday for the San Luis Obispo Symphony’s Family Concert and historically, stories about wolves are dire. Our deep fear and prejudice of wolves […]

The Care of the Soul

About 20 ago, I read Thomas Moore’s, Care of the Soul. A life-changing book for me at the time. Here is one of my underlined passages: “The brain thinks cool thoughts about cold reality,  while the heart thinks in heated rhythms.” This reminds me of another favorite quote, this one by James Stephens in The […]

2 Steps To Happiness

  Some days, it’s all about the beach.    To hear more of Zette’s stories, visit the Zette Harbour Amazon store ©copyright 2011 Zette Harbour, all rights reserved. ZetteHarbour.com

Courtesy of Jim Rohn There is a theme that appears in various folktales from different cultures.  The idea that ‘it could always be worse’ or ‘what appears as a blessing could be a curse and what appears as a curse could be a blessing’.  Basically, the idea that it’s all relative and it’s all in […]


The Handless Maiden

The Handless Maiden – one of the grimmest of the Grimm, yet full of powerful imagery and of course, a happy ending. I find this story to be a profound and powerful one. I begin it with the Miller’s search for the Tree of Life. This, the fabled tree from the Garden of Eden. Find […]

Heretics Wanted

Courtesy of Trina Dart, Bluebird Photobooth Are you the kind of person who hears “that little voice inside” and wishes you had the confidence and strength to follow it? Are you the kind of person who resists dogma and yearns for the freedom to live an authentic life? Do you desire an infusion of inspiring […]