What Does It Mean?

Experiencing story, and life, as a mirror is a powerful practice that brings greater ease in life. Below are my writings about a variety of folktales and stories that explore this topic in more depth. In The Listening Circle, we engage in seeing life, and story, as mirrors.

The Handless Maiden As A Mirror

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected many folktales in the early 1800’s. The Handless Maiden is one of the tales from their first volume entitled, Kinder- und Hausmärchen. (Children’s and Household Tales) This story of a young woman whose hands are cut off by her father as a result of his mistaken promise to a dark […]

See The World As Yourself

  Mirror, Mirror People and experiences that come into our lives are expressions or reflections of what is already inside of us. A piece of our interior world come into 3 dimensional relief before our very eyes. It’s easy to think that they are there for some reason other than what their presence awakens within […]